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ThatLook® is a worldwide design, marketing and supply organization currently working with many fast fashion & high street retailers.
Our services enables our customers to proceed the order processes smoothly to manage their seasonal stock plans properly and without delays on the deadlines.

In ThatLook®, our knowledge and creative and strategic thinking in the fashion industry creates a bridge that meets the right designs with the right productions considering our partners’ requests and expectations.

Go digital, be sustainable.

Our team constantly follows up the latest trends in the market and implement commerciality into the unique design parameters, applying and working on innovations with the sources of digitalism.

3D sampling technologies.

With the 3D sampling technology, we are achieving the least of the harm we are dealing to the environment. With lesser waste and higher success rates, 3D sampling reduces the time, energy, and material spent in the process.

Globalization vision.

The strength of ThatLook® is to make its private collections that are focused on each brand’s needs and desires. Our partnered design facilities are coming from international locations like London, Paris, Barcelona and Istanbul.


Physical showroom.

We use high resolution and auto focus digital camera systems to be able to represent the actual samples during online meetings with our partners.


Virtual reality showroom.

We are able to virtually represent our collections to our partners with perfectly simulated materials, textures, and details.

Our knitwear production capacity is:
Over the years, we have served -and still serving- to numerous of the European fashion market’s most prestigious brands.


7+ countries


15+ partners


Our love for this planet is what makes our sustainable journey to be the better version of ourselves a never-ending experience.

We believe that much oxygen is needed for the industry which can be provided through innovative thinking and sustainable new ideas.

In ThatLook®, our sustainability goals are:

To digitalize sampling process.

To achieve efficient usage of all energy resources.
To adopt sustainable methods for logistics.
To achieve optimum utilization of natural resources.
To raise employee awareness about sustainability.
To continuously improve our environmental management systems.
How can we help you?

Reach out to our expertise teams regarding your design, marketing, and supply requests.

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